Aug 31, 2023 2 min read

Real Clear Facing Big Tech Censorship

The Real Clear Podcast with Dr Lucas Klein is the in-depth analysis and commentary on current political events through a psychological lens. The Real Clear podcast covers a wide range of topics, from the latest election results to policy debates, to exploring the impact of current events on the political landscape.


Hi folks, I wanted to come to you with a quick call to action. What I'm basically asking is that you help me maintain freedom from Google and other big tech censorship. I've never had first hand evidence of big tech censorship until now. I recently tried to advertise one of my more popular episodes, called how DEI is Killing Medicine, with Dr Stanley Goldfarb. Dr Goldfarb is a serious medical doctor and academic, been widely published and was the former associate dean for curriculum at the University of Pennsylvania Medical School. We spent the hour talking about the travesty of DEI initiatives, how they have created a race obsession and have undermined the academic admissions process for medical schools. Google denied my ad campaign, claiming that it was presidential election news. That's an odd objection, don't you think? They had one other strange category that I can't recall that they've since deleted in their rejection, and they also sent confirmation of the rejection to an unassociated email of a family member of mine. This is Orwellian in its creepiness. If you would help me maintain independence from big tech censorship, I would appreciate it, and it will help me continue to provide the content that I'm providing for you. On a weekly basis. You can go to realclearpodcastcom and subscribe directly through my own website free of any intermediaries. Thanks so much, and please send my website and episodes, if you enjoy them, to others and post on social media and help this grow grassroots. Thanks so much.

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