No Country for Old Men, Biden, Violent Revolutionaries

Podcast Oct 25, 2023

In this episode, I dive into the term "woke" and why I believe we should start using the term "violent revolutionary" instead. I express my concern about the current state of affairs, particularly the support for Hamas among college students and the demoralization of the masculine in our society. I also touch on the cognitive decline of our leaders, particularly President Biden, and the potential consequences of his leadership during these critical times. It's a thought-provoking episode that I hope will spark some reflection and discussion.

As I discuss the term "woke," I emphasize that it is a euphemism for what I believe is a more accurate description: violent revolutionaries. I express my frustration with the support for Hamas among college students and the lack of accountability within organizations like Black Lives Matter. I also highlight the crisis of the paternal and the masculine in America, arguing that we need strong figures to hold people accountable for their actions. I believe that we have reached a tipping point and that it's time for us to stand up and say "enough is enough."

In the latter part of the episode, I shift my focus to the cognitive abilities of our leaders, particularly President Biden. I express my concern about his declining mental state and how it may impact our nation's ability to navigate through critical international conflicts. I also touch on the legal troubles faced by former President Trump and the potential implications for our political landscape. Overall, I urge listeners to recognize the importance of democracy and constitutional rights, and to stand up for what has historically allowed humanity to endure. It's a challenging time, but I believe that with clarity and containment, we can overcome these obstacles.

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We embark on a hard-hitting exploration of the present state of America's social movements and politics, with an intense focus on the growing undercurrent of what we believe to be violent revolutionary ideologies hidden beneath the veil of 'wokeness'. We'll wrestle with the terrifying reality of increasing support for horrifying atrocities against the Jewish state, particularly within the confines of American college campuses. As we dissect the controversial role of the Black Lives Matter movement, we'll urge for an end to donations and question its alignment with these violent ideologies. 

From masculinity to fatherhood, we'll raise the alarm over an alarming lack of maturity and accountability plaguing our younger generations. We'll journey through the halls of Ivy League colleges, unmasking a brewing concoction of indoctrination and entitlement.

 As we scrutinize President Biden's leadership, we'll examine troubling signs from his public appearances which hint at deeper concerns about his cognitive abilities. As we wrap up, we'll leave you with a spine-tingling question: Are we inching towards a violent revolution and is there anyone brave enough to step up and stop it?


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