Monthly Klein & Reilly: Israel, Leftism, Biden, Trump

Podcast Nov 2, 2023

Professor Wilfred Reilly and Lucas Klein engage in a podcast conversation about the response to the war in Israel and Gaza within the United States. They discuss incidents like Black Lives Matter sharing a controversial meme, students marching for Palestine, and LGBTQ groups expressing solidarity with Gaza and Palestine. The professor explains that these events are not surprising, given the influence of certain ideologies in American colleges. They also draw attention to the presence of extremist views on both the hard right and hard left.

Join us as notable Political Science Professor Wilfred Reilly from Kentucky State University unravels the impact of various western ideologies within the context of the Israeli-Gaza conflict. We examine the American response to the conflict, notably the permeation of the Black Lives Matter meme and the influence of pro-Palestine rallies on college campuses. Professor Reilly provides an insightful commentary on how these events mirror a profound indoctrination within American colleges and its potential policy implications.

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In a world where diplomacy plays a pivotal role, our discussion veers towards evaluating the roles of Joe Biden and John Kirby. We dissect their interactions with the press and consider the domino effect it may have on escalating global conflicts. Paying heed to Professor Reilly's expertise, we delve into the necessity for strategic global players, particularly in handling the ongoing conflicts in Ukraine and Palestine.

Lastly, we shift our lens to scrutinize the US presidential election, throwing focus on the advanced age of candidates Joe Biden and Donald Trump. From pondering the implications of their health on their campaigns and potential leadership to questioning the very notion of democracy, this episode is a deep dive into the shifting international order. Listen in as we grapple with the potential of large-scale wars, genocide, and the consequential impact on our society.

The Real Clear Podcast with Dr Lucas Klein is the in-depth analysis and commentary on current political events through a psychological lens. The Real Clear podcast covers a wide range of topics, from the latest election results to policy debates, to exploring the impact of current events on the political landscape.


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