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Biden Rests More Than Any President in History: Strength of Human Endurance Explored

Podcast Sep 4, 2023

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Good morning folks. Happy Labor Day. Welcome back to Real Clear. Let's talk about two things briefly on this day of rest. It turns out that we now know that Joe Biden spends 40% of his time on non-work-related trips outside of DC. For reference, donald Trump spent 26% of his time on non-work-related trips away from DC. And who spent the least amount across US presidents Turns out that was Jimmy Carter, with roughly 5%. I think he should have rested more. Barack Obama and Ronald Reagan both spent 11% across their two terms as presidents. The only other president who I can think of and who is referenced as spending almost as much time as Biden resting was George W Bush, who roughly spent in the high 30s percentile of his time in leisure activity, and that's no president to hold as a standard bear. So, as we reflect on rest and work and the ratio therein, maybe we want to do a little better, maybe even a lot better than Joe Biden, but we could rest more than Jimmy Carter or Barack Obama or Ronald Reagan. And it's also a good time to reflect on how much we want our leaders working on our behalf, staying on their feet, staying spry, staying active. And speaking of staying active, a great story to tune into is that of Mark Furman. He's a 65-year-old man who just completed an amazing kayak tour from Canada down to Florida. Contiguously, he spent 6,800 miles, 1,643 hours and that is roughly 68 days straight in a kayak, and he didn't take a day off. He slept on the seashore and a tent, or sometimes on fishing boats if he could find them moored, and he did so to raise money for doctors without borders and captains without borders. This is a hell of a guy, and I'm going to put his link to his website in the show notes so you can check out what he's up to. It's always good to see people who have made it through life with their body intact and are using it to good effect and keeping themselves electrified and traveling on through time. Okay, well, there it is. I hope you have a great Labor Day and we'll see you here real soon.