Joe Rogan Experience #2109 - Abigail Shrier - JRE Podcast
Abigail Shrier is an independent journalist and author. Her latest book is “Bad Therapy: Why the Kids Aren’t Growing Up.” Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Joe Rogan released an episode with Abigail Shrier recently that takes aim at the "therapy" culture in America, which they both believe is causing more trouble than treatment. Rogan is a media figure with a broader reach than any anchor in history. There is no parallel in media history to compare to his reach. I enjoy him, and I deeply respect Shrier. They are accurate in many ways, but they are also inaccurate about the depth of the problem. Shrier makes what Kahneman would call a system one error. She looks only at the level one symptom without attending to the actual first factors undergirding the therapy culture problems so described. I'll release a more in depth critique soon. I agree with much of what they have stated, but I also think the analysis they provide is very surface level.

For now, I believe that you could probably create an empirical study that examines the broad decline in the usage of therapy following the peak listenership to this particular episode. Such is the enormous effect of Joe Rogan.

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