Government- Run Grocery Stores!?

Podcast Sep 18, 2023

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Good morning folks. It is Monday, september 18th 2023. Sometimes a story comes across my desk that I have to focus on exclusively, and today is one of those days. Sit back and enjoy this, or cry after you hear this story. I hope this blows your mind the way that it did mine. In Chicago, crime is obviously a year over year issue. It's one of the most dangerous areas of the country. In certain regions this past year is no exception. Year to date, crime was up 36% overall and carjackings were up 116%. Ask yourself if you're a business, would you operate in one of these high crime-ridden areas? The answer is probably not, because you're going to be less safe. You're going to have a tough time employing people because they'll be less safe and people aren't going to be patronizing your establishment because it's not safe. That's right. Let's go down. It makes no sense to operate and stores leave. That's what Walmart and Whole Foods did in parts of Chicago south and west sides. Well, the reasonable response would be what? If you guess that the reasonable response is to deploy police and make these communities safer, you're wrong and you're a bigot. Okay, that's not the reasonable response, the reasonable response that Chicago's Democrat Mayor, brandon Johnson, has in place and wants to create is city-run grocery stores to promote equitable access to food after Walmart and Whole Foods close their stores. Folks, I was stunned to read this Now. I know that there are stupid people in the country and I know that there are Marxists, and I know that those two things intersect a lot, but this is such a stunning example as to the interaction between stupidity, marxism as well as Utopianism at the high level of government in a major US city. I really had to wonder how much longer can a nation survive like this? How much longer? How much longer do you think? Maybe you'll comment on the post on realclearpodcastcom and let me know what you think, but this is unbelievable. How could this person be this stupid? Does he understand his own mindset, his own worldview? Does he even know that he's been steeped in Marxism, in an ideology that is so out of touch with reality on the ground that he is not going to be able to lead his communities into the future, into anything other than a dystopian hellscape? And by that I mean what is this going to look like? You're not going to touch crime. You're not going to deploy police at higher rates to areas where there are higher rates of crime, because that's profiling and crime just continues to skyrocket in those areas. And then you're going to react to that by putting state-run grocery stores. Like this is North Korea, that's another place that has state-run grocery stores North Korea and Cuba. Folks, how can we possibly get along in this country like this, when you have factions coming from this kind of mindset? How can we possibly chart a course into the future and exist together? Will we really have balkanized regions of the country At some point in the future? Will there be some kind of second secession, not North-South, but rural-urban, reasonable, unreasonable, and what will that do? I honestly don't understand how a country can exist like this. Maybe you can help me understand. Comment on the post and let me know. And okay, well, sorry to start your day off again with a sort of pessimism, but, like I said yesterday, it really helps me kind of get things off my chest. You can't hold things in too much in life and we have to be able to share our thoughts and reactions to inanity of this nature. Well, there it is, folks, that's a singular story that blew my mind and I'm wondering what the reaction is that you have. Share it with others and let's keep talking. I'll be with you soon, as always, take care.