Antiracist Rhetoric Bankrupts Itself and Corporations

Podcast Sep 27, 2023

Today, we're ripping open the veil on the irony-laden world of misguided 'anti-racist' initiatives. We're questioning the output, or lack thereof, from Professor Ibram X Kendi's heavily funded Center for Anti-Racist Research, and examining the subsequent impacts on communities that these movements aimed to uplift. We're shining a light on the intersection of corporate wokeness, escalating crime rates, and the aftermath of redefined policing and criminology paradigms.

Here's a promise - by the end of this episode, you'll gain a fresh perspective on the future implications of this movement, and perhaps feel a glimmer of hope for a collective return to sanity. We're going to analyze how corporate giants like Target, who endorsed these movements, are now facing the brunt of their consequences. We'll also predict a wave of 'amnestic disorders' where previous proponents of the movement will deny their involvement.

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And hello again, folks. It is Wednesday, september 27th 2023, as I'm recording this. This is an important episode. It may represent that we are slowly regaining our cultural sanity. As you know, if you've listened to me for any amount of time, I am highly critical of the so called anti-racist movement. I view it as bankrupt and intellectually pseudo-intellectual. Professor Ibram X Kendi, the spectator UK reports as well as the Boston Globe, believe it or not who has run the Center for Anti-Racist Research, which received more than $43 million in its first two years alone, including a $10 million investment from Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, has produced basically nothing. Two to three papers is all, and the rest of it has been spent on. The rest of the time and effort, apparently, has been spent on one-off appearances and postings on websites and so forth, but no actual research. And they told us they were going to do this essentially a few years ago. I'm paraphrasing Kendi as I don't have the exact quote in front of me, but essentially he said proper research involves the review of data and careful conclusions, and anti-racist research doesn't have to compose itself under such strictures. I should say so. And how did the New York Times report on this story? An ambitious anti-racism center scales back amid allegations of poor management. Ambitious $43 million for two to three research papers I should say that is quite ambitious. The Center is under investigation from the very university that spawned it. This is highly unusual and noteworthy and I'm glad they're doing that and I'm glad that the Boston Globe, a typically left-wing paper, is reporting the facts on the ground. This is good news for us. This movement has been an incredibly insidious and destructive movement. The anti-racist movement, which could broadly be said is the Black Lives Matters movement. So what do I mean by this? Well, it was the movement and is the movement that seeks to redefine what policing and criminology is. And what did that do? That led us to demoralize our police force, to diminish and demean our police force, and we now have crime at record levels oversweeping the nation and we're not going to recover from that for probably a decade. But we may be recovering our sanity. As I'd mentioned Now, the anti-racist rhetoric was at the base of a lot of corporate rhetoric around anti-racism and so forth and social justice. Let's talk about one corporation. Target was quite a woke and continues to be quite a so-called woke corporation, or I should say a social justice corporation, if you turn to their posting on August 17, 2020 at corporatetargetnetcom that is, it's titled. Here Are Target's Latest Actions to Advance Racial Equity Remember, this is 2020. They say they'll institute an anti-racism training and education for all team members to build a culture of inclusion and equity Okay. They say that they are going to partner with those who share and uphold target's anti-racist policy standards Okay. They also say that they will address key issues that will help and end systemic racism, including safety and police reform. Okay, this is 2020. They're supporting the police reform that was caused by the hysterical outburst from 2020, where we have diminished and demeaned and dismantled our police functioning. In the United States, new enrollees are down 60% across precincts. Crime is up in record numbers, as I'd mentioned. No, okay. So target was the proponent of these woke social justice anti-police movements in 2020, and proudly. And this is still up on their website, all right. Well, what's a story from today? Target cites violence and theft as reasons for closing nine stores across the United States. That's right. And in areas like San Francisco, oakland, portland, seattle, harlem and New York City. And what is the exquisite, unjust irony of this news story? Well, they're closing down stores in typically black areas, which is an injustice and harm to people of color in the United States. They're going to have less places to shop, less places to turn in their own communities for goods that they need to carry on their lives. And this is a direct descendant of the anti-racism social justice movement that demoralized our police force and caused crime to run out of control. Target cites retail theft as the cause and unsafety. Retail theft is now a hundred billion dollar problem for retail stores. Target is reporting net losses. Exporting goods, despite revenue increases, is reporting net losses in its quarterly reports. These are major, major outcomes of a terribly demoralizing policy, a wrong-headed policy, impregnatic policy, and it should be stopped and should be denounced. The movement that came to us and said that proper policing of crime is inherently racist and sought to overturn the police system has resulted in measurable, actual harm to urban communities. This cannot be understated. It is an exquisite irony. It was predictable. Anyone paying attention saw this coming and Target is now eating its lunch eating egg off its face in front of us. Thank God, maybe they will now see, and other corporations will now see, that you don't have to overturn basic tenants of civilization to appear as though you are desirable to customers. Just offer good products and then leave it at that. Advertise your products and guess what People will come purchase them, but don't advertise defunding the police and demoralizing the police. Otherwise, you're going to shut down nine of your stores across the United States due to a hundred billion dollar problem, and they even cite flash mobs as being a major constituent of the crime problem that is plaguing these companies. Folks, this could not be more ripe and mark my words In the coming years, you are going to see such a gaslighting that has never been seen before. You're going to see companies, folks, people like from Target and other stores like it, and you're going to see social justice figureheads deny that they ever thought this was a good idea, and the proof of that is you're already seeing this. Look at this woman in Minnesota who was the vice chair of the Democrat Party, who was an avid anti-police, reticent in 2020, posting all over the place. This is a Democrat spokesperson saying that they needed to defund the police altogether and so on, and reinvent the police. Well, as I mentioned in a previous episode, she was recently assaulted in Carjack in her own driveway in front of her kids, broken leg and two's head, and guess what she's proposing now Release the police force and ramp it up. You're going to see such amnestic disorders in the social justice crowd. It's not even going to be funny. There will be people denying that they ever had affiliation with these ideas and at the same time, there's going to be a movement back towards collective sanity and maybe we'll give these people a slight pass, as long as they get their heads on straight now. Maybe we don't grind people's noses into the dirt, but we do retain factual evidence of what they said in the past. We can't forget our past or we're going to be doomed to repeat it. Okay, well, there we are. There's a news story for today. Hope you liked it and I'll talk to you soon. I'm going to be watching the debates tonight the second GOP presidential debates, primary debates from the Reagan Center and, as I mentioned, I'm going to be there moderating the debate. No, of course that's not true, but I am going to be holding a political analysis post-debate and I'll be releasing that sometime later on this week or this weekend. Okay, folks, be well, take care of yourself. Talk to you soon.