Ad Free Welfare Ind. Complex

Former Attorney General William Barr and the constitutional debates of the 14th. Meanwhile, we unpack the bloated Welfare Industrial Complex, unveiling the stark contrasts in governmental growth and fiscal strategies across states. We scrutinize how New York and California's expansionist approach to social support for marginalized groups stands in relief against Texas's budget surplus, despite similar social strains.
WSJ Article by Allysia Finely

With the financial weight of state decisions often falling on a select few, we ponder the possible shift towards economic conservatism if all citizens felt the sting of policies firsthand. The conversation navigates through the socioeconomic landscape of state management, challenging listeners to consider the disparities in tax burdens and how they could reshape the national dialogue on welfare and immigration. Join us for a rigorous exploration of these pressing issues, inviting a contemplation of fiscal responsibility and its implications for shared prosperity.

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