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Rat-Girl(ing) and Racism

Articles Aug 10, 2023

Again I find myself on the precipice of writing and recording regularly, and I don't. I lost myself, yet again in the physical, preferring to build things, remodel, callus my hands and see the results of physical truth.

As I return to the world of podcasting and writing, I return to a world that makes me nauseous, and so it is very difficult to know where to begin without setting off on a track of losing myself to the insanity of modernity.

There are two examples that come to mind. First and foremost, is the Holmes report on racism in psychoanalysis which was released by the American Psychoanalytic Association recently. This is an absolute miscarriage of the duties to be scientifically informed. The authors have no interest in being serious scientists, nor they have any capacity to understand even basic statistics and methodology. None of that matters to them, they set off to find some sort of evidence of "systemic racism" and they wrote a nearly 500 page position paper stating that systemic racism is everywhere but can't be specifically pinpointed anywhere. There was no content validity, no construct validity, no proper measurement, and no actuarial measurement whatsoever actually. There was only the "feelings" of various people in a survey. The entire paper is a religious rag possessing paranoid ideation and vengeful reverse racism. And so I return to the world of news media to witness the fall of my own profession at the hands of extremely disturbing ideologues.

Another phenomenon that comes to mind is called the "rat girl" life. I recently read on the Spectator UK about the growing phenomena of young girls and women aspiring to live like rodents. Yes, you read that correctly. Young women are aspiring to live like rodents, to scurry around urban centers being as “grabby” as possible with food, hoping not to pay for it, shuffling around, dressing in a disgusting way that has no care for aesthetics, which they believe is a product of masculine oppression. They also generally try to spend around two full days in bed scrolling through social media enjoying the feeling of "rotting in bed.” The fact that there is a multi million follower trend as described above is nothing less than an indication of a civilization that has not yet realized that its end is up on it. What you just read above is evidence of absolute social psychosis, born from the disruption of category, malaise through lavish disrepair, and mass boredom channeled into passive suicide.

I will be on various other podcasts addressing the travesty that is the Holmes report. I'm not sure if Rat Girls listen to podcasts, or if they would care to understand the material. Authors of such pieces of dreck like the Holmes report may have their free run of society at this time, to the extent that the plebeians are scurrying around trying to emulate rodents.

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